RSH Expat Housing

Moving from one country to another isn’t easy, especially if you don’t speak the language and don’t know your way around. One of the first things you will need is a place to live; a place that instantly feels like home. Only then will you find the time and peace to create your new life in the Netherlands. RSH Expat Housing can be your key to life in the Netherlands.

We have been in the business of expat housing in the Netherlands for nearly 30 years. Characteristic of our way of working is the personal attention and dedication we give to our clients and the individual guidance they receive. Our consultants –highly qualified professionals with an international background themselves- are specialized in Dutch rental law and real estate services.

We are retained by many companies: multinationals, small businesses as well as several non-profit organizations and foundations. Of course we also work for individuals. One of the things they like most about us, is the way we set up our business: easy to understand and very accessible. We work with packages (look under ‘arrival’ or ‘departure’) with fixed quotes. Depending on your situation and wishes you can add optional services. Just send us an email with your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. Our goal is to come up with tailor-made solutions for you.

We understand how important it is for you to work with an experienced, well-known and trustworthy company. RSH received the EuRA Quality Seal in 2009. The EuRA Quality Seal is the world’s first accreditation program for relocating providers, to reflect their excellence in providing relocation services. So far, only three relocation companies in the Netherlands received this EuRA Quality Seal!

A part of our team


Considering our strengths you can imagine why companies and individuals choose us when looking for a place to rent in the Netherlands:

  • We have nearly 30 years of experience
  • We work with highly qualified professionals.
  • Our packages are tailor-made, have fixed and very competitive quotes, so that there are no surprises
  • and our efficient way of working has been rewarded with the EuRA Quality Seal

We invite you to benefit from our expertise by engaging us at the earliest possible stage. In return, we will make sure that RSH Expat Housing will become your key to life in the Netherlands.